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Hi, I'm Rebecca, I cant wait for you to begin your journey with me, so that you can break free and live your life in freedom!

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About Rebecca


Rebecca Hay is a psychotherapist who specialises in helping women with anxiety, to break free and find a way out of their darkness.

She works with her clients to help them find their purpose, so that they can reignite their fire and live their lives in freedom.


Anxiety was something Rebecca suffered with in silence, for most of her life. It is through the work she completed on her own journey that led her to want to pursue a career where she gets to help others overcome their anxiety.  


Described as "too much" throughout her life and always feeling not good enough, Rebecca’s anxiety led her to make life decisions based on others’ expectations.

She lost her identity as she struggled to fit in and found herself living a life without purpose.


Following years of self-discovery and training to become a psychotherapist, Rebecca has made it her life mission to help women in particular find their light and help them on their journey to overcome anxiety and to never be in darkness again.


Rebecca is also an associate therapist for The Wilderness Foundation in Chelmsford helping children and young people with their mental health through nature emersion therapy and as well as being the owner of her own successful private practice, RH Counselling Service in Colchester, Essex.