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"Freedom from anxiety is not a luxury, freedom it is for everybody. If you're ready to take that first step to finding your way out of the darkness, then i'm right here, ready to help you"

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Can you remember what it felt like to be free?

Did you ever imagine life would feel this hard, one day your out with friends, laughing and enjoying all that life has to offer, then the next, you can't even get out of bed because the voice in your head makes you believe that no-one likes you and everyone laughs at you. 

Anxiety can hit us like a tonne of bricks or it can float into our lives unseen and uninvited. All of a sudden we are left living a life full of "what if" questioning and assuming the worst case scenario in everything we do.

We fear talking about it because we know it sounds crazy to others, most days we know it is crazy and we can rationalise the thoughts but as the days go into weeks and the months creep by, we find we are losing the fight and it never stops, it's always there pushing and pushing, till one day we give in and it consumes everything!

The darkness takes over and it can feel like all hope is lost.


I have walked that path, worn those shoes and believed those stories and those intrusive thoughts too.

As someone who has survived the darkness, I now use my light to help others like you and like me find their flame and step back into a life of freedom, I walk beside you every step of the way, so you never feel alone. 

If you're ready to light your fire, take that first step and reach out to me, book a call and we can begin your journey together.
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"I began therapy with low confidence, self-worth and felt completely overwhelmed.

Work was hard and I found it hard navigating life changes. I felt stuck in my relationships with family and my partner and had developed a disordered relationship with money. I felt helpless and just wanted to gain some control over my anxiety and depression. 

From our very first session, I felt heard and understood. Rebecca helped me to feel safe and helped me to work through the issues that had been eating me up for such a long time. She was approachable, patient and very kind but she also helped me to see the things which were hidden, that needed to be brought out. By the end of therapy with Rebecca, I felt empowered and excited just knowing that I have something that is now in my control. I finally feel worthy, self-aware and accepting of the things I cannot control. I now have love for myself and feel happy and excited for what’s to come".             (JB, 2021)


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